Swatch Watches

Swatch watches are famous for being some of the most fun and colourful watches on the international watch market today. Founded early in the Seventies the main aim of Swatch was to create such sort of easily disposable watches which feature quality and trend in the very same time and which can compete with the huge amount of Japanese watches which heavily weakened the Swiss watch market in the Seventies and the Eighties. Swatch watches have become among the most popular watches and they still hold on to their popularity today. Let us see what makes Swatch watches so special and let us check out their availability in South Africa.

Swatch watches had come out in the Seventies with a then pioneering aspect: to represent such sort of watches to the international market that bring quality but for a low price. Swatch watches were also the very first Swiss watches in the world that contained plastic in several forms and types. The Swatch watches represent a good and strong quality standard that is sold for the customers for a highly affordable price. The watch is also a favourite for the collectors because it releases over a 100 different collections, outlooks and specials every year. Swatch watches have grown so popular that the company has merged to form a whole group the Swatch Group that today is the largest watch producing company in Switzerland having bought up several elite watches brands in Switzerland, which, due to their prices were unable to operate all by themselves anymore.

Swatch keeps its status to be one of the most popular, easy-to-wear and easy-to-dispose watches and it has also got its own kids watch concept, that features such special watches for the kids which helps them to learn about telling the time. The kids’ watches of Swatch are called Flik Flak and can be seen and visited via its own separate website, which has several games and applications for the kids, to help them in telling the time.

Swatch has a huge number of collections that feature tons of watches with different forms, outlooks and with different dial concepts from the quartz to the more traditional bezels. Swatch was also pioneer in creating several sorts of watches which no other watchmaker has created before, which includes the world’s thinnest Swatch watch, the Swatch watch which takes the form of the wearer’s wrist and its “skeleton” watches which are absolutely transparent. Swatch today has stores and authorised sellers all over the world and its one of the most popular watches for kids, teens and adults alike.

In South Africa, there are many authorised sellers of Swatch watches in every bigger and larger cities of the country. To say a few examples please see the listing below:

* Johannesburg:
- Swatch Store
- Clearwater Mall, Roodeport
- Sandton City Shopping Centre, Sandton
- Edgars Shopping Malls: Sandton, Eastgate, The Glen
- Edgars Eastgate
- Big 5
* Cape Town:
- Swatch Store, Tyger Valley Centre, Tyger Valley
- Cavendish Square
- Canal Walk
* Pretoria: Swatch store: Menlyn Park Shopping Centre
* Durban:
- Big 5 at Durban International Airport
- Gateway Theatre of Shopping

For the entire list of Swatch stores and all authorised re-sellers of Swatch watches in South Africa, please check out the full address list on Swatch website. Swatch watches are great in quality and outlook alike and you can be sure to find the most suitable type for your taste in the Swatch watch stores of South Africa.
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