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Heart rate monitors and running watches have been released by top US producers of specific sports devices since the Eighties. Today’s running watches are special devices that monitor lots of functions of the body, simply by feeling the body pulse and the body heat through the wrist, in order to make training as safe as possible. These smart devices are ready to be used as personal trainers. Some companies, such as Nike, are going even further by creating such special applications that you can download on a smart phone and which can get you lots of data about the body functions, in order to create a good, balanced training personally for everyone. Let us see some of the best running watches on the market today and their availability in the sports watches market of South Africa.

Here, we include an enlisting of the current top brands and running watches on the watch market alongside their stores or with the names of their resellers in South Africa:

Suunto Quest: Suunto is a Finnish specialist of running watches and heart rate monitors. The brand has grown out to become one of the biggest specialised sport watches brands over the past decade and deals with specialist watches for running, exploring and outdoors sports and for swimming, diving and other water sports. Suunto Running watches are produced in the Quest range of the brand and have high success on the watch market. Check out Suunto watches at the following retails:

Due South in Gauteng, Cape Storm in Cape Town, Cape Union Mart stores in Pretoria, Johannesburg and Port Elizabeth. You can find their stores in practically every city shopping mall across South Africa.

Polar Watch: being one leading brand of the sport watches market Polar’s running watches are very popular and come for an affordable price. They have several helping functions that check the sweating levels or the calories burned as being set by its owner. At Polar, you can choose your watch according to your actual training level and your expectations and plans. The Get Active, Improve Fittness, Maximise Performance and GPS watches can all be used as running watches, according to the extras you would like to have with your watch.

Polar watch has a couple of large sports brands to offer its specialist watches in South Africa. Mr Price Sports and Sportman Warehouse have stores in every town and city. You can find them in all the shopping malls and in the shopping areas of every town and city. Mr. Price Sports have 100 stores in the country and Sportsman Warehouse another 32.

The Garmin Forerunner series: The Garmin Forerunner watches are by far the most famous running watches in the world. The US brand was among the very first brands which ever released a specialist sports watch and their non-stop research and product development plays a huge part in their success. Garmin Forerunner has over a hundred different models. The test and analyse almost everything their wearer does. From measuring distance and speed to the measuring of altitude, pace, heart rate and overall cardio, Garmin watches are definitely leading the rankings when it comes to specialist sport watches.

Garmin sells its watches and other special sports devices online. For more information on its products and shopping, visit the official website of Garmin.

These are the top running watches in the world and only few other companies have since then come out with worthy collections of sports and running watches. Check them out to find your new personal trainer in form of a great multitasking running watch in South Africa.
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