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If you are looking for a great quality sports watch you must get to know Polar Watch which is today one of the top sports watch brands in the world. No matter it’s about training, planning, track design with the help of a GPS, the measuring of blood pressure and heart rate or to basically get a personal trainer, with Polar watches this comes in an all in one package for an affordable price. Let us check out the pioneering features of Polar watches alongside their availability in South Africa.

Polar Inc. was founded in 1977 in the United States and has been working on electronic innovations ever since. Its investigations were mainly on the medical field in order to create such devices with which patients are able to perform self-testing and self-measuring. Later on Polar’s innovations have transferred the company’s research activities to the field of sports with an emphasis specifically on performance related training during which their device can make tests and create the most suitable trainings for one, depending on actual heart rate and blood pressure. The devices of Polar really count innovative and the company was among the first ever-smart sports watch creator in the world.

Polar watches are some of the most intelligent devices, with each one coming with heart rate monitor, with GPS enabled field tracking methods and so much more. Today, Polar watches have several extra applications that give further help and assistance for one’s training, depending on the actual sports played. The fact that Polar watches come for a friendly price makes the brand even more inviting.

Polar Inc. has 1200 employees worldwide with 26 subsidiaries that have a network of retail distributors in 80 countries. South Africa is of course one of these countries, where you can get to find Polar watches at several sports stores, as enlisted below.

Polar watches have multiple collections aiming the most suitable circle of consumers depending on their level and type of workout. We can differentiate the following Polar watch collections today: Get Active, Improve Fitness, Maximize Performance, GPS.

Polar also produces accessories and through its website a large deal of extras and applications are available to be downloaded. With the help of Polar’s product finder, you can get to find the most suitable device for your needs. Polar is doing a non-stop further development on its watches; however, it is important to underline that fact, that Polar watches are rather called simply as heart-rate monitors and not watches as they are.

Polar watches and heart rate monitors are widely sold in South Africa, mainly by two of the key sports brands of the country: Mr. Price Sports and Sportsman Warehouse. By the mere number of Mr. Price Sports stores all around South Africa, you can see that South Africa is a very sporty country. Only in the Gauteng area, the brand has over 40 stores and altogether, you can find over a 100 stores of Mr. Price Sports in South Africa. Sportsman Warehouse has 32 stores all over the country.

Check out Polar watches in South Africa, if you are looking for a trusted watch that comes with a heart rate monitor and can help in several ways, when it comes to training and doing sports.
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