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When talking about pocket watches in general, we mostly think about the pocket watches of old times which were generally worn until the mid 1900s till the invention of the first mass produced wrist watches. The pocket watches of the old times were elegant, looked beautiful and many of them, especially those made out of gold are still popular and widely worn by the upper classes all over the world. In our article, we would like to represent you with some of the best choices in South Africa when it comes to buying pocket watches.

Although several luxury brands deal with the selling of their limited collection pocket watches, the prices and the availability of these make their watches only very rarely accessible to the public. However if you want to find great pocket watches which are more easily accessible in South Africa, what we can offer you is to check out such specialist jewellers which are dealing with the reselling of pre-owned watches and older watches. Another great choice for you is to check out the local antique dealers that can also prove helpful, however at times may not sell high quality, when it comes to pocket watches.

When it comes to jewellers selling used watches and antique dealers, what we can suggest you is to visit Cape Town, by far the best place when it comes to antique dealers. Cape Town has several specialised areas that have several stores dealing with only antiques of all age and all quality. We suggest you to check out the stores of Woodstock and Kalk Bay, with each area virtually full of specialist stores offering antiques with pocket watches to the public.

When it comes to naming stores in Cape Town where it’s worth going, we can suggest you to visit Quagga Trading, Whatnot or the Railway House with each one dealing with a high range of antiques in Kalk Bay.

Chronos Watchmakers: Located at Adderley Street dealing with the selling of high profile antique watches from well-known Swiss brands, also deals with watch repair and maintenance and offers pocket watches in limited numbers in its collections.

Phillip Zetler: Phillip Zetler is the jeweller to go when it comes to pocket watches and pre-used watches. You can find some rare pearls here for a good price and they also have good connections internationally when you would like to order a specific piece of pocket watch. Find the store of Phillip Zetler located at Georges Mall in Cape Town.

Smileys: another great name that offers just everything from antique chandeliers to pocket watches, if you are lucky. The brand has one store in Cape Town and the other in Johannesburg that makes it highly popular in the circle of all antique lovers. While it is not guaranteed that you can find pocket watches here every day, they are collecting all sorts of vintage jewellery and accessories, therefore chances are very high that you will end up finding some great deals over here. The Cape Town store of Smileys is located at Plumstead, and in Johannesburg, you can find the brand at Rivonia Road in Illovo.

While the list is very far from being full, we can suggest you to check out the antique dealers in the city you are located at in South Africa. Each city has their respective watch makers offering pocket watches and the antique dealers are another option.
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