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If you want to explore an outstanding watch brand that really embraces the artistic side of modern watch making, you should definitely check out the beautiful watch creations of Movado Watches. This brand has quite an interesting history and its achievements in terms of the art of watch making are undisputed. Let us learn about Movado Watches this time, with its brief history, with its most outstanding Movado watch creations and with its availability in South Africa.

Movado is a Swiss luxury watch producing brand, which today is owned by an American entrepreneur and arts enthusiast Gedalio and his son Efraim Grinberg. The company was founded in 1881 in La Chaux de Fonds, Switzerland by Achilles Ditesheim who was a big fan of the then new international language the Esperanto, therefore gave an Esperanto name for its company as Movado means “always in motion” in Esperanto. The Grinberg family purchased the brand in 1983 and it has added a lot to the arts scene of New York. Movado has a great web of international stores in the majority of the world’s countries and chooses well-known personalities for its ambassadors.

Movado has always been a brand that always looked for inspiration in the world of arts and therefore came out with creations that counted quite futuristic in their respective time. Its early creations, such as the Polyplan which had a painted movement and a curved shape of case to follow the wrist line to other outstanding watches such as the Erneto with a revolutionary movement or the Movado Digital Watch or the Wrist Calendar all added a lot to the art of watch making.

Besides its own creations, Movado also deals with the producing of the watches collections of several well-known fashion brands, which includes Hugo Boss, Juicy Couture, Tommy Hilfiger and Coach among others.

The most outstanding Movado Watch creation is definitely the Museum Watch that has a pioneering role in the artistic watch making, with having only one golden dot on its bezel symbolising the 12 o’clock. Nathan George Horwitt designed the watch and it was first released in 1947. The watch today is exhibited in the New York Museum of Modern Art. Other outstanding creations include the Datron Chronograph, the Vizio, the SE Sports Edition, the Elliptica, which is the first wristwatch in the world to feature time in a linear format. The Museum watch has several releases and special editions. Movado houses a great number of watch collections for men and women in diverse styles from the modern to the highly decorated jewellery watches.

Movado watches have several retailers in South Africa and you can find the brand in lots of cities of the country. Let us enlist the main stores and retailer brands here per city:

Cape Town: Time Watch at Tygervalley, Marios Jewellers at Canal Walk, Time Watch at Cavendish.
Johannesburg/Pretoria: Sedgars at Gauteng, Orient Jewellers at Oriental Plaza, World Time Machine – Sandton, Cajees Time Zone - The Glen Shopping Center, Oro e Diamanti at Festival Mall
Durban: Cherry Design at Gateway Theatre of Shopping.

For the complete list of Movado Watch retailers in South Africa, visit the official website of Movado. Check out the artistic beauty of Movado watches in South Africa where there is plenty of chance for you to end of buying one of Movado’s beautiful watch creations.
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