Citizen Watches South Africa

Citizen is considered as the most upscale brand on the Japanese watch market today. With a heavily americanised style of promotion and a great customer base in the United States, one could consider Citizen more of an American than a Japanese watch brand but all Citizen watches represent the excellence of Japanese precision and attention to detail. Let’s see what makes Citizen Watches so special and where we can find Citizen Watch stores and authorised dealers of Citizen Watches in South Africa.

Citizen Watches are manufactures by the Citizen Holdings Co. Ltd based in Tokyo, Japan. Founded in 1924 Citizen is among the largest manufacturers of watches in the world, having thousands of stores and selling points just everywhere. Citizen watch collections are all extremely popular for their special features that are all pioneered and invented by Citizen itself. These include the atomic timekeeping models and its Eco-Drive models that represent the brands most outstanding Citizen Watch collections of the brand. Citizen sponsors and acts as timekeeper for various mostly national sports events. The brand is overly popular in the United States to where it mainly targets its releases and its ambassadors are world famous sportsmen and women who help with the promotion of the brands newest collections.

Most Citizen watches feature a special deployment clasp which comes with a push button, also called DCP that is basically a built-in system for its metal and leather bracelet bands and ensures the total hold and comfort of its wearer at all times.

Citizen’s primary watch is the Eco-Drive that comes in around 100 different collections all featuring the same eco-system, that dramatically extends the lifetime of each Citizen watch. The main system of Eco-Drive includes a built in solar panel that is attached to the battery and feeds it whenever there is direct light on the watch. Citizen’s Eco Drive watches are also available for women with diamond and Mother of Pearl inclusions to make the models all the more exclusive. Citizen watches come in three families: the Citizen Eco Drive, the Citizen Signature and Drive from Citizen Eco-Drive.

Eco Drive Citizen watch family features the following collections: Atomic Timekeeping, Dive, Diamond, Proximity and Calibre Series, Silhouette (women) and Stiletto (women). The women lines of Citizen Watches all represent pricy luxury items that often are made out of gold and come with diamond decoration. The first watch of Citizen that features Radio Controlled Timekeeping is the Skyhawk A-T line of watches features. Out of the Signature Line that represents the luxury quality line of Citizen, we must highlight Moonphase and Citizen’s Grande Complication, currently the most pricy and most special watches of the brand.

Citizen watches have a large customer base in South Africa. Let’s take a look at the main Citizen watch retailers and then we will enlist the authorised websites to sell Citizen watches in the major cities of South Africa.

Cape Town: NWJ Jewellers, Wolf Bros, Oro e Diamanti and stores at Parow Centre, Somerset Mall, O’Brien Jewellers, Bosman Jewellers.
Johannesburg: World Time Machine, AKJ Sandton City, Edgars Sandton, Sharaz Jewellers at Oriental Plaza and around 40 more locations in every single suburban towns of Johannesburg.
Pretoria: Bresco Diamonds, Centurion Plaza, Raubenheimers Jewellers, NWJ Pretoria
Port Elizabeth: Ritters Jewellers, Greenacres Jewellers, Fishers Jewellers, Creative Jewellers
East London: NWJ Hemmingways, Designer Gold, Dennis Collins

For the entire list of Citizen Watch retailers, visit the official website of Citizen South Africa, where you can check the latest collections including Ladeis, Mens and Promaster. Citizen watches prices starts at R1100, for this price you can buy a quality and well designed wristwatch with great user reviews.

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