Cartier Watches south Africa

Cartier today is one of the world’s top jewellers. Few people know however, that before becoming famous for its high quality jewellery, Cartier was dealing with high quality watchmaking and it is one of the highest quality watch producing brands, which are surprisingly located outside of Switzerland. Let us learn about the history of this great brand and let us check out the availability of Cartier watches in South Africa.

Luis Francois Cartier founded Société Cartier in 1847 with its headquarters located in Paris, France. Cartier has remained a privately owned company until 1964 when the huge Richemont Group of Luxury Goods purchased it.

Cartier watches’ specialty is in the unique and exquisite design of each one of their watch creations. Cartier has perhaps the largest number of watch collections today with fitting watches to each one of its jewellery collections and with multiple watch creations under each one collection. Cartier has no specifications and deals with no specialised watches; however, the jewellery watches of Cartier are perhaps the most famous in the world, especially its mystery watches, which are still alone-standing.

The world can thank some of the most beautiful and most outstanding watch and jewellery creations to Cartier, the first notable watch creation of which was the "Santos" watch, which Cartier has created especially to the request of the world famous aviator Alberto Santos –Dumont. The Santos was the first wristwatch that came with a unique square-shaped bezel and the first men’s wristwatch range of Cartier at the same time. Cartier watch parts and movements were supplied by Edmond Jaeger from the luxury watch brand Jaeger LeCoultre who, by that time has made an exclusivity contract with Cartier, to supply only Cartier with its watch parts and movements. The next watches of Cartier that were published are its alone-standing jewellery watches, which are also called mystery watches as their dials were carefully hidden. The next outstanding watch model of the company is the Tank watch, which was inspired by the first tanks which started to appear before the beginning of the First World War. Quite exceptionally, Cartier has every single one of its watches published and on sale as each one of them is heavily famous and popular.

Today, Cartier watches world offers Movado, Vacheron Constantin, Audemars Piquet and Jaeger LeCoultre brands. Cartier has over 200 label stores all over the world. Thousands of retailers also sell Cartier watches worldwide.

Cartier has several boutiques in the area of South Africa with the most notable retail brands being Charles Greig Jewellers, Greig & Meinke Jewellers, Pen & Art Stationers, Stuttafords and Van Deijl Watches. These jewellers and sellers cover the whole area of South Africa with having at least one store in the bigger cities of South Africa, which include Cape Town, Gauteng area including Johannesburg and Pretoria, Durban, Port Elizabeth and Bloemfontein, among other cities.

You just have to check out all of Cartier watch creations, which are outstanding in design and in accuracy in the same time. Cartier watches prices starts at R7.500 to as high as R415.000. There are lots of collections available to buy in South Africa, some of the popular ones are Santos, Tank, Pasha. Cartier watches are beautiful, quality and luxurious, their reviews are abslute positive.
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