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Emporio Armani is one of the biggest and most famous fashion brands of these decades. Armani has not just become world famous for its fashion items but have gained international attention and success for its high profile jewellery and watches lines. Today, Armani is opening its second fashion hotel and apartment complex where you can get to see the most beautiful example of contemporary interior design by Mr. Giorgio Armani. Let’s take a look at the diverse watch collections of Armani Watches, the brief history of the brand and the availability of Armani watches in South Africa.

Founded in 1975 in Italy, Emporio Armani today is the top Italian fashion designing brand, being world famous and internationally successful. As for its watches and jewellery line we can differentiate two lines, the Emporio Armani watches, which represent a high-end sort of watch collection including several highly valued items and the Armani Exchange line which was founded by the designer in 1991 to represent a more affordable range of Armani watches and apparel for the younger generation. Today, Emporio Armani watches and AX Watches are sold worldwide with high success. While Armani watches represent the classic taste, Armani Exchange watches represent a trendier and more affordable range of watches for men and women. Armani watches are sold in Armani’s 151 stores all around the world, plus over a thousand retailers.

Although with each collections different in outlooks, what we can really say about Armani watches is, that they all represent an exact taste and personality. If you buy an Armani watch, that is for sure a heavily recognisable piece with several unique features that differentiate each Armani watch from any other brands. The producer of Armani watches is the large US Company the Fossil Inc., which makes Armani watches with Swiss or Japanese movements and ensures the high quality of each timepiece. All Armani watch is designed by Giorgio Armani himself and represent the excellent Italian taste for luxury watches. If you want a statement watch, we definitely suggest you to check out Armani watches.

Emporio Armani watches have three key ranges: the Neutrals, the Ladies and the Classics. Armani today is experimenting the use of new materials such as titanium, stainless steel and ceramics. In each collection, you can differentiate the following lines: Sportivo, Meccanico, Super Slim, Classic and Ceramica lines. The watches are also often made out of gold, such as yellow gold, white gold and rose gold and contain diamond and Swarovski decorations, as for the women’s watches. Armani and Armani Exchange release new collections seasonally. The new Retro Collection of Emporio Armani line has caused a huge success.

Armani watches prices are starting at around R2500, according to the user reviews, it worth the price as you will get a stylish and quality wristwatch. If you are looking for a budget friendly option, there are places to buy geniue, second hand watches of Armani, for a lower price. ty OLX, BidOrBuy or Gumtree of South Africa.

Armani watches are highly successful in South Africa with having several point of sale all across the country managed by the S. Keren Watch distributor group. Hereby we will enlist some of the key resellers of the brand:
Cape Town: Watch and Co: V& A Waterfront Victoria Wharf, Canal Walk, Cavendish Shopping Mall
Johannesburg: Eastgate, East Rand, Cresta, Sandton
Durban: Gateway Theatre of Shopping, Galleria Mall
Pretoria: Menyln and Centurion Shopping malls

Armani watches are world famous for their design and quality and we highly suggest you to check them out, if you want to buy a watch that mirrors your style just perfectly. In case you look for cheaper Armani watches, choose from among Armani Exchange watches.
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